May 232013
B. Adore photographer Aaron shooting on boat in Mallorca

B. Adore Goes to Palma de Mallorca

So recently B. Adore traveled to Mallorca with Photographer Aaron Bowser and model Natiish Cash to capture images for their summer ads campaign.  Natiish, born in Poland but raised in Germany is a model, dancer, and works behind the scenes in film and television.  So, to say the least Natiish is comfortable being in the spot light and it shows as her charisma lit up the images taken by Aaron.

Villa, Beach, Boat: The Model Life

The photoshoot spanned over 3 days in 3 different locations on the Mallorcan island beginning with PP Finca a gorgeous 6 room villa on the country side of Mallorca in a city named Muro.  The villa was complete with a white sand beach volleyball area, swimming pool, and a beautiful view of the open country side.  At the villa Aaron had Natiish wear clothes like blazers, leggings, and jean jackets that are more for partying and night life.  On day 2 photographer Aaron and model Natiish moved over to the local beach where Natiish was wearing clothes that are more for a chill day at the beach like bikini shorts.  The last day of the photoshoot took place on a small yacht off the coast of Alcudia where photographer Aaron had Natiish in a mix of bikini wear and classy day wear.

Overall the photoshoot was a success and would not have been possible without such a wonderful crew and set of friends.  See the behind the scenes images and video below:

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