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Many of us have often found ourselves standing in front of the mirror trying to find the perfect colored blouse that makes our skin glow.  After 2 hours of searching and creating a mess of clothes all over the room we finally find the blouse we were looking for just in time to be late to our desired destination.  So in order to save you some time digging around your closet  looking for a blouse, dress, or whatever that has a color that accents your best features, I’m going to help you find your season…or seasonal color that is.

What is my season?

Each different skin color has been characterized by the different seasons.  So different variations of skin color are classified as either spring, summer, winter, or fall.  Spring being the term that describes milky white to peachy skin often with freckles and yellow or warm undertones.  Summer is the term used to describe pink or rose beige skin with cool or blue undertones.  Winter represents pale or beige skin with cool blue undertones. Lastly, Autumn represents ivory to golden beige skin with warm yellow undertones.

skin color seasons

How do I know what season my skin color is?

To do a skin analysis on yourself is not a very difficult task.  In fact it’s as simple as finding a mirror, a well-lit place, and a few blouses from your closet (can be a dress or any article of clothing) with a solid distinct color.  Then holding the clothing up to your face and looking to see what happens to your skin color when you place the clothes next to your face.  Your skin will either glow or pale in comparison to the color of the blouse.  There are professionals who are trained classifying skin color and if you have access to a professional color analyst that is always the best route to take.

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